BLADE modulsoffa

59 990,00 kr

Utställningsexemplar Nedsatt 30 %

Modul 5 + modul 5 med 7 ryggkuddar i tyg Generation vit.

Avtagbar klädsel även på stomme.

Mått: 233cm x 328cm + 95 cm. Sitthöjd 42 cm

NU 59 990 KR

Ordinarie pris 100 995 kr


Modulsoffa designad av 365° North.

”As a way of a contrasting to the sofa’s sharp lines, Blade features a number of soft cushions giving the sofa a laid-back attitude. At the same time, the cushions optimize the options for creating your own personal nest – regardless of whether you prefer to sit or lie down. The loose cushions also give you the freedom to mix colours and textures to give the sofa a highly personalized look”.

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