Målning på canvas.
Konstnär: Karin Vermeer.

” My work is a mix of different pictures/images and paint which I combine on the computer and canvas to create a new image. My favorite subject is the female face. Most of the portraits that I create are a mix of four to five different faces, mostly of different race and origin.

On my computer I create a new, non existing person out of them. Beside creating and building new persons I also take pictures in my studio of models that I use. Together with these pictures and the pictures of old walls, grunge posters and all kinds of other interesting subjects I create a new image.

I also use already existing pictures that I manipulate in photoshop and create a new image with. When the digital part is ready I print the image and start painting over it. I create thick structures and a lot of layers of paint and gel over them. In this way I try to make the digital image tangible again.

My work is not so much about explanation and concept it is a game and all about the image. I start with no idea in general but by looking at images that interest me and by mixing them, slowly a new image evolves.” – Karin Vermeer

120 cm x 180 cm, 35.900 kr